About STEMoneers

STEMoneers is born out of Valerie’s passion to serve and her understanding that an early introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math when paired with the vast array of career choices can positively affect the trajectory of a child’s life. We believe that interests developed early in life become vital skills that last a lifetime!

As a child, Valerie didn’t see any engineers that looked like her. In fact, she didn’t know any formally trained engineers while growing up. Her first encounter came through that 5th grade assignment and set her on her life’s journey towards knowledge, understanding and helping those who also wanted to become engineers. This is the why behind STEMoneers. Valerie’s desire to show children, especially those in untapped communities, whether rural or urban, who may not be exposed to engineers, scientists, architects and other change makers who look like her that they do exist. We are builders, creators, innovative thinkers and researchers showing them this dream is attainable for them as well.

STEMoneers provides STEM tools and educational resources through hands-on workshops conducted by Engineers, IT professionals, Artists, Scientists and other professionals who will share their inspirational stories and encourage the ingenuity within each child. Our equitable workshop environments reinforce a love of learning, champion a positive sense of self, promote teamwork & leadership and foster creativity for each child.

What does “STEMoneers” mean?

STEMoneers is a portmanteau, a word combining two different words to form a new entity. In the case of STEMoneers, we are combining the acronym STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with the word pioneers. Holding true to our vision that through our program we are creating innovators and doers for generations to come.

STEMoneers Mission

STEMoneers mission is to engage young minds, spark creativity, and impact futures through the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). We provide the tools and activities to introduce STEM concepts to the untapped communities of children (STEM pioneers), from preschool through elementary school age, in the surrounding city. We believe access to STEM learning should be accessible to all children, no matter the socioeconomic or environmental situation. The STEMoneers program presents an opportunity for children to gain STEM knowledge in an equitable environment where their brilliance is encouraged and nourished.

STEMoneers Vision

STEMoneers vision is to provide equitable, accessible early STEM education. We seek to work with the untapped communities of children (STEM pioneers); sharing inspirational stories, educational materials and tools to encourage the ingenuity within each child. We believe positively influencing a child’s life trajectory can impact a generation. By creating a pathway for navigation and innovation in the world through STEM, each child can envision a brighter future. The STEMoneers program seeks to instill a love of learning, a positive sense of self, and inventiveness for each pioneer who participates in the program.